600 Watt Quasi Sine

Manufacturer : Analytic Systems

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The IQS600-12-110 Power Inverters provide 120 Volts AC at 600 Watts of continuous power from a 12V DC source.

State of the Art MOSFET technology coupled with unique "Soft-Start" circuitry guarantees reliable operation. The ON-OFF switch illuminates when AC is present at the outputs to provide positive indication of proper operation.

Full electrical isolation between the input and output allows operation from either positive ground or negative ground DC power sources. The output is a full 160 or 320 Volts peak (115/230V rms) to allow it to handle most applications from sonar monitors to electric drills.

Extremely heavy input filtering ensures that no electrical noise will be generated to interfere with autopilots, radios or other devices sharing the same batteries. The transformer type output prevents any spikes or surges that might damage computers or other sensitive equipment.

Low voltage shutdown circuitry protects the batteries. Current Limiting and Over Temperature shutdown protect the inverter. Ground Fault Interrupt and Short Circuit Detection protect both the user and inverter. Diagnostic LEDs indicate the cause of any shutdown and show when the unit is overloaded.

One standard AC receptacle provides for easy connection. Versions are available to operate from 12, 24 or 32 volt battery systems. The Q'Sine 600 series of inverters carry a full three-year warranty.

600 Watt Quasi Sine

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